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Cycling in Sydney

Missing the fall, originally uploaded by Meredith James. There is an interesting piece in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning describing the frustration of cycling around Sydney. I haven’t cycled every where that they describe but it does capture quite accurately my experiences around the city. Half assed cycle lanes with bad approaches. In many cases it is little more… Read more →

Australian Urban Archaeology – Google Earth Style

I found an interesting toy on the internet a few days ago. The NSW government has released a maps viewer, called Spatial Information eXchange, that looks for all the world like a google earth knock off. They boast that the resolution of the images are better than those used by google earth. While nominally set up to help emergency services… Read more →

I love living in Bondi – now with even more bikinis!

Sydney Bondi Originally uploaded by duncanleyburn I live pretty close to Bondi Beach. Any morning that I cycle into work I usually take a leisurely cycle down the promenade. A week doesn’t go by when there is some thing mad going on. Yesterday morning I was treated to the Guinness record attempt at the largest bikini shoot. It is still… Read more →

Dog renting in Sydney

Time for one last pose…Originally uploaded by shutupyourface I suppose it was only a matter of time before dog renting came to Sydney. An American company Flexpetz wants to start pet renting In the US, members pay US$24.95 ($29) to hire a dog on weekdays and US$39.95 on weekends. Membership fees include an annual fee of $US99.95 and monthly fees… Read more →