Author: Dave Keeshan

Sydney Fringe Festival

OK I am very excited, it doesn’t happen very often, but here we go. I have been traveling the high roads and by roads of Sydney to perform comedy and in a lot of those travels I have crossed paths with an Aussie comic, Andrew Barnett, during a trip to Newcastle, a while back, we discussed and decided to see… Read more →

I was RickRolled

I usually think I am relatively internet savvy, if I get a friend who sends a panicked mail about how Facebook is going to be closed down, I’ll usually wander over to and send them to the relevant page. So I was surprised when I got pull in by this headline for a blog post: Children warned name of… Read more →


There are two constructs of terror in Ireland.  “The boy” and “the man”.  The boy is usually some kid that was stupid that almost got him self killed or severely injured by doing some thing stupid.  I have the ignominy of being one of those boys as I almost had my thumb cut off climbing through the window of a… Read more →

Pro Nun Wrestling

I was watching Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit recently when it was on TV.  I love the Wallace& Gromit series, The Wrong Trousers is probably my favourite.  However I had a great blink and you miss it laugh in were-rabbit.  There is a scene where Lord Victor Quartermaine is talking with the Reverend, the Reverend says all… Read more →


A couple of friends of mine back in Ireland decided to get themselves a TV show together. It is part of a competition up against 7 other shows to see who gets to make the next episode, each round knocks out two competitiors. “Victory?” is set two years after an alien fleet has captured the majority of the planet and… Read more →