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Exposed on line

I’ve been interested in protecting ones identity, both online and in the real world, for years. When trying to explain why things like loyalty cards are more trouble than they are worth I end up sounding like some tinfoil hat wearing fruit loop. However the real world helped me out last week with an amazing example.

There is a user on Flickr by the name of Lara Jade. who is currently 17 but has been interested in photography since she was 14 and she has been posting pictures online that she has taken since then as well. All nice an innocent so far. That was until she found out that some one had downloaded one of her pictures taken when she was 14 and used it for the cover of a porn movie.

She is understandably mortified and she details what she has tried to do about it here HELP!! (please read) on Flickr – Photo Sharing! .

This is another interesting example of the perils of living your life online. The internet gives people the ability to reach thousands/millions of people while a lot of them are lovely people there are still a few rotten apples. I hope she takes some legal challenge, I believe in the states using underage images for porn is illegal and she’s not even 18 yet would be a good place to start. However this, like the Rebekka case, are only examples of what have been discovered my guess this is the tip of an enormous iceberg.

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Aw brilliant. I can’t wait until some right-wing nutbags use one of my images on some shitty direct-to-DVD action movie.

You could always start watermarking your images, and limit who has access to full-size versions (Flickr have recently strengthened access controls for original-sized images, and it now seems to work).

I’ve pretty much given up being concerned about using my real name on the internet, in favour of having some high quality work online (even if it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), getting good feedback for it, and maybe even generating some income.

Economic times could get tough, but having more strings to my bow, and having fun doing it, is likely to stand more in my favour than trying to present myself as someone I’m not.

Maybe I should post on this myself… 🙂

And you must be a good blog, making me think.

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