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Jeremy Irons – Anagram

For any Simpsons fans who wondered what the answer was. It seems to come up in conversation from time to time. Genuine Class!

Jeremy Irons

Jersey Minor
Joinery Rems
Jeer Rim Nosy
Jeer Rims Yon
Jeer Miry Nos
Jeer Miry Son
Jeer Rosin My
Jeer Irons My
Jeers Rim Yon
Jeers Miry No
Jeers Miry On
Jeers Iron My
Jersey I Morn
Jersey I Norm
Jersey Mi Nor
Jersey Rim No
Jersey Rim On
Sneer Rim Joy
Serer Join My
Joiner Res My
Rejoin Res My
Joiners Re My
Rejoins Re My
Mien Err Joys
Mien Errs Joy
Mine Err Joys
Mine Errs Joy
Miner Re Joys
Miner Res Joy
Miners Re Joy
Miens Err Joy
Mines Err Joy
Rein Rem Joys
Rein Rems Joy
Reins Rem Joy
Resin Rem Joy
Risen Rem Joy
Siren Rem Joy
Rinse Rem Joy
Riser Men Joy
Enjoys Re Rim
Enjoys Err Mi
Enjoy Rem Sir
Enjoy Re Rims
Enjoy Err Mis
Enjoy Err Ism
Enjoy Errs Mi
Enjoy Res Rim
Rem Ryes Join
Rem Rye Joins
Rems Rye Join
Jeer Sin My Or
Jeer Ins My Or
Jeer Sir My No
Jeer Sir My On
Jeer Is My Nor
Jeers I My Nor
Jeers In My Or
Em Err In Joys
Em Err Sin Joy
Em Err Ins Joy
Em Errs In Joy
Me Err In Joys
Me Err Sin Joy
Me Err Ins Joy
Me Errs In Joy
Men Re Sir Joy
Men Err I Joys
Men Err Is Joy
Men Errs I Joy
Rem En Sir Joy
Rem Re In Joys
Rem Re Sin Joy
Rem Re Ins Joy
Rem Res In Joy
Rems Re In Joy
Ems Err In Joy
En Re Rim Joys
En Re Rims Joy
En Err Mi Joys
En Err Mis Joy
En Err Ism Joy
En Errs Mi Joy
En Res Rim Joy
Ens Re Rim Joy
Ens Err Mi Joy
Re Res Join My

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hey doug, real important question:

I often think about Jeremy Irons anagrams but the point of the game in the Simpsons was to come up with an anagram of the persons name that discribed them or there life or something like that, sure there are plenty of anagrams but do any of them have anything to do with Jeremy Irons and his life or anything he has done? If you can answer this for me I would be so grateful, if not thank you for your time.

I think, and I have discussed this with others, the point of the joke was that it is impossibly hard to come up with a good anagram of Jeremy Irons.

That was kinda why I posted the list in the first place. I believe it is fairly long but there is nothing that really describes any thing.

Curiously enough the Jeremy Irons blog page stats show that it is visited from all over the world every day. It just goes to show you a lot of people are perplexed by the Jeremy Irons anagram conundrum.

Sorry I couldn’t give you an answer, but I don’t think there is one.

Seatec Astronomy

This is gonna blow yall’s minds.

In 1982, Jeremy Irons starred in a film by Jerzy [Jersey] Skolimowsky, and in this film, Irons played the character named Nowak. Nowak is a common Polish family name that means newcomer, new man, or…MINOR!!!

Now look at the English translation of yet another brilliant Simpsons reference. Anagram that describes Jeremy Irons:


Jeremy’s Iron.

I am SO happy to find so many hits after forgetting about that simpson’s episode and how it plagued me forever. A google search about 5 years ago didn’t do anything, but this is fantastic!

These are what i could come up with, I think some of them sort of work. Better than some of the anagram solver in some cases; Miens Err Joy?

Im sure with a lil help we could find a suitable one?

Also let me know if mine are wrong ie letters dont actually work out im pretty tired…









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