nu par ruski? means you speak russian?

Thank you Red October


I don’t know why but this is my most clicked page, who are you people and why do you keep searching for nu par ruski?

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I wanted to the the line after “a little”, but couldn’t remember if it was in russian…the reason: I was replying to someone’s note about renting the hunt… and the checkout girl had NO idea what it was. a memorable set of lines, that’s all.

good thing recaptcha is from awesome carnegie mellon.

I used this line recently, in Colorado. We were on a trip to Buckley AFB and stopped into a Walgreens in Aurora. The guy in front of me at the checkout had what sounded like a Russian accent. So I just said, “Nu par Ruski”. He said “Da”. Then he started telling me where he was from in English and stuff. It was cool. Because I am retired Military and Mom n Dad were with me and they have no clue what all I’ve done in the Army/Navy. I was a Medic, but they don’t really know anything about places I’ve been n such. They seemed impressed that I asked the guy in Russian if he spoke Russian. Haha.

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