Time Out Sydney

I performed at LaughYTO last week and it turned out a reviewer from Time Out Sydney was there.  I didn’t get much of a write up, but at least what was there wasn’t bad: [Cameron James] was a hard act to follow, but Irishman Dave Keeshan made a decent fist of it with solid material delivered in his lilting brogue… Read more →

Sexy Venom

Wow the internet can be a strange place some times. Apparently there has been a storm in a tea cup over on facebook. A photographer by the name of Adam Jay posted some pictures of a cute blond girl, Freddie Nova, getting attacked by the alien symbiote from the Spiderman comics, that gave rise to Venom.  The effect was achieved… Read more →

Sydney Fringe Festival

OK I am very excited, it doesn’t happen very often, but here we go. I have been traveling the high roads and by roads of Sydney to perform comedy and in a lot of those travels I have crossed paths with an Aussie comic, Andrew Barnett, during a trip to Newcastle, a while back, we discussed and decided to see… Read more →

I was RickRolled

I usually think I am relatively internet savvy, if I get a friend who sends a panicked mail about how Facebook is going to be closed down, I’ll usually wander over to snopes.com and send them to the relevant page. So I was surprised when I got pull in by this headline for a blog post: Children warned name of… Read more →