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I have been using the gigs calendar plugin for maintaining and tracking of the standup gigs I have been doing.  I use google calendar for organising stuff and was having to enter gigs in two location.  When it looked like I made a typo in one of the two independent calendars I thought it would be great if you could generate an ical feed from the gigs listed by the gigs calendar plugin and view that in google calendar.

This work is built on the back of the rss feed generation in the gigs calendar plugin and the ical generation for post plugin that Gary King posted. I hope they don’t mind me using their work (I have listed them both as authors of the plugin as well).

This is an initial rev only.  There are two ways you can use it


This generates an ical of any gigs that are coming up in the future, handy for people who are interested in your gigs, but have no interest where you have been


This generates an ical of all the gigs you have done or will do.  Of more interest for the artist, so you track when and where you have been.

Either can be entered into google calender (using the Add by URL) or any client that takes an remote ical feed (tested with Lightning in Thunderbird).

Download the plugin

Unpack the plugin file, edit if necessary, and upload it to you plugins directory for activation.  It will appear as Gigs Calendar iCal. You obviously have to have the gigs calendar plugin installed and working first.

This is a beta (gamma?) release of the plugin and has it timezone set to Sydney/Australia, which is where I am, you’ll have to change it to match your timezone, I may add support for that later. Also it doesn’t handle gigs in multiple timezones well, I need to think how to do that.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

A side note on google calendar :

Googles usage of a remote ical file is interesting. For one thing it appears that google only look at a remote ical feed about one every day, so if you make changes in the gigs calendar it won’t immediately appear in google calendar. This is a known problem with google calendar. What is more interesting is that google only look at the link once, no matter how many people are subscribed.  This may not be a big deal in normal operation, but it made trying to debug the feed generation a pain, an logging in and subscribing as a different user didn’t help. It is best to debug in a client like outlook or lightning.

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